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dutch shows on the way...

...  i'm jd... on this site you'll see fotos from shows, and fotos of wandering around places,  gig dates and stuff...and you can also get albums and the occasional t shirt... and I guess the odd social comment as well... so lets see the end of the 'neo libs' project!   e mail me here jd@jdmeatyard.com and downloads here jdmeatyard1.bandcamp.com

we've got 'Northern Songs' album and 'Taking the Asylum album and of course we've got the new album -'Collectivise'  just released in june on '2 daft dogs music'... plays from gideon coe on BBC 6 Music, On The Wire, Sonic Diary 352 and the rest... you can order the album here on the store page ...here's the latest review from Louder Than War... "'COLLECTIVISE" review from Ged Babey and Ian Keith Moss in Louder Than War... I'll take these quotes. "‘Some People’ is an epic track – my favourite, as it just doesn’t mess about. If there was still a Festive 50 -it would be in the Top Ten this year"... "There is a whole demographic out there for whom this will be one of, if not THE, best albums of the year"

Bido Lito. 'Whatever JD Meatyard's “I saw the son of a Parisian cyclist” means, you want to hear it again and again'

 jd meatyard... alternative, activist, a john peel regular back in the day... 

“JD Meatyard offers proof that thrilling, visceral, directly political music is still available for those wishing to scratch beneath the surface" Andrew Neil Louder Than War

"‘Satisfied Heart’ is indescribably beautiful. ‘Taking The Asylum’ is a superb and superlative album” Nick Toczec Rock n Reel

The LP's finest moment is with 'Standing on The Shoulders of Better Men', a rousing anthem that salutes the left field pioneers from Don van Vliet through to Mark E Smith...Personally, I would include JD in this list of unsung heroes”. Tim Peacock - 'whispering and hollerin'