​*** "...jd meatyard is so much more that yet another singer songwriter...'Never Seen a Kid Born Bad' hangs in your head all day...'10 Miles Low' rocks out and 'Satisfied Heart' is indescribably beautiful. 'Taking The Asylum' is a superb and superlative album"  Nick Toczek  R2 Rock n Reel

+++ www.trustthewizards.com/jdmeatyard
“This combination of the personal and the political, the Love Songs And Rage, works perfectly in creating a passionately intelligent and heartfelt look at the world we live in…”

+++ louderthanwar.com/taking-asylum-jd-meatyard-probe-plus/      mark whitby
“If Northern Songs presented JD Meatyard at what felt like the peak of his powers, Taking The Asylum shows not only that he’s still there, but that he’s characteristically and defiantly refusing to stand still”    

+++ "JD Meatyard struck a chord in me and its still ringing. Songs of passion. Songs of anger. Songs of loss. Songs from the heart. If he was any more authentic they’d lock him up. In fact I suspect they might do anyway. Catch him while you can". HMHB web blog Edinburgh Liquid Rooms review.

+++ 'Northern Songs' from JD Meatyard - It’s stuffed with songs exposing raw nerves and picking at open sores. “It’s easy to write when you’re down/ self-pity is fertile ground,” Donaldson notes sagely on ‘Happy Song For Amsterdam Man’, before allowing the darkness to become all too visible on ‘I Cracked (You’re Better Now)’, which could almost be Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Perhaps the LP's finest moment is reserved for the home strait with 'Standing on The Shoulders of Better Men', a rousing anthem that salutes the left field pioneers from Don van Vliet through to Mark E Smith...Personally, I would include JD in this list of unsung heroes”. Tim Peacock - 'whispering and hollerin'
+++ we were at the birthday party of music journalist and author “Sir” Mick Middles. the occasion also celebrated the eighteenth anniversary of one of his many fine books ‘Factory – The Story Of The Record Label’. It was a fabulous party and we thank Mick and Vicky for the incredible effort made into putting the whole thing together and in particular the bringing together of an impressive line-up of bands. Too many to give adequate attention to here but we would like to mention one, which took us completely by surprise; J.D. Meatyard and his band. Very amusing, very topical, very poignant, very real, very aggressive, very passionate, very, very, good..."  Document Records

​​+++ 'choc full of great songs' - gideon coe 6 music

+++ 'These songs come to haunt you, lurking shadow-like long after they’re over – the unfussy work of a fine songsmith who’s effortlessly able to serve up his creations with unvarnished panache.       

 - Nick Toczek Rock n Reel Magazine.

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+++ the courageous honesty of' 'Jesus Call' or the humility of 'Standing on the Shoulders of Better Men', where he runs through a roll-call of great artists and comes up with some of the most poetic comments ever written on the subject of Mark E. Smith, to name just one. His manifesto is 'Northern Songs' an album that calls up political outrage and human tenderness as two sides of the same coin and, as such, it's one of the most important artistic statements of the age.”

- mark whitby, unwashed territories.