'jd meatyard'  probe plus records, 2012.

'northern songs' probe plus records, 2013.

'TAKING THE ASYLUM' probe plus records,     APRIL 13 2015.



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 jd meatyard's previous lives as singer/ shouter in levellers 5 and calvin party featured heavily on the late great and much missed john peel show on bbc radio... their 'art alt noise' a favourite of the great dj but never more than cult of cult status amongst the public out there.

​it is said that jd meatyard retains the rage and the passion, but the delivery is rather more considered. live, jdm is usually joined by percussionist johan visschers and guitarist steven lindley... for 2015 shows gary ward hits the drum...

studio players include johan and steven and natasha lea jones voice, dave thom cello, guitar and accordion, phil hutchinson harmonica, jdm bro jim donaldson guitar, dobro. nina van winden gtr and voice, dave clarke violin,simon fort drums...              picture: darren lee poole

jd meatyard will consider big shows, small shows, house shows, wakes etc... jd@jdmeatyard.com




​PROBE 72 ...MAY2015